Why Machine Translation is Not Good For Business in Costa Rica

In early 2015, Google released a significant upgrade of its Translate application. No longer content to offer translations of written text, the upgraded app now includes a visual translator and an audio translation function.

Machine translation, particularly in the English – Spanish and Spanish – English language pairs, is often utilized by business owners in Costa Rica, and the preferred option seems to be Google Translate. This practice can hardly be recommended for conducting formal business, and the infographic herein explains why.

VerbaLink, the translation firm behind this infographic, further explains in greater detail:

We enlisted two of our Spanish translators, Adriana and Gaby, to participate in a two-part test. For the first test, Google Translate and Adriana were required to translate a promotional document about Argentina’s National Beekeeping Council from Spanish into English. For the second test, both contenders had to translate approximately one minute of spoken Spanish audio into English.

Gaby is one of our quality control specialists, so we had her serve as our judge.

Translations were judged on several dimensions, including word choice, grammar and syntax, and overall accuracy and comprehension.

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Source: The Costa Rica Star

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