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    What’s new with neural machine translation

    Originally published at PangeaMT blog I recently attended TAUS Tokyo Summit, where neural machine translation (NMT) was a hot topic. As Macduff Hughes from Google put it “Neural machine translation was a rumor in 2016. The first releases and tests happened six months ago and now it is here.”  Although it is early days to

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    NLP People: the 2016 NLP job market analysis

    One year after its launch, NLPPeople analysed the hundreds of job ads that had been published on its website during that time. In a blog post we discussed the supremacy of the US in NLP jobs, the imbalance between industry and academia, among other other striking patterns. Almost three years later it’s time to take

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    Deep learning: why should you care?

    Deep learning is currently taking the IT world by storm. Facebook, Bloomberg and Google are actively exploring deep learning techniques. Thousands of deep learning startups operating in various industries raise seed funding every day. If you like traveling, have the budget and want to find out more about deep learning technology, there are so many

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    What other people thought about the service provided by NLP People

    Thank you very much. I think your idea of creating such a website is brilliant! I will be checking your web-page every day 🙂

    The candidate quality has been excellent and we are interviewing 4 of them currently.

    I would like to say I do admire your work around It is a great place for NLP people like me and you.

    In general, I can only say that the outreach (of the job ad) is a lot wider than I expected! You do manage to reach a large audience, and generally speaking that’s only a good thing.

    I really like the quality of your job announcements and newsletter it is a mile ahead of competition.

    The NLPPeople website has really grown in the past years, great job!

    Just to let you know that this job has now been filled, with a candidate who applied through your site 🙂