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NLP Landscape: Switzerland

Natural Language Processing has seen some major breakthroughs in the past years; with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, the attempt at teaching machines to master human language is becoming an increasingly popular field in academia and industry all over the world. Switzerland is no exception: with its unique linguistique diversity, its central location within Europe

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The Seven Trends in Machine Translation for 2019

Hundreds of researchers, students, recruiters, and business professionals came to Brussels this November to learn about recent advances, and share their own findings, in computational linguistics and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The events that brought all of them together were: EMNLP 2018, one of the biggest conferences on Natural Language Processing in the world, and

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The three levels of NLP for your business

In the past years, the tech world has seen a surge of NLP applications in various areas including adtech, publishing, customer service and market intelligence. According to Gartner’s hype cycle, NLP has reached the peak of inflated expectations in 2018, and many businesses see it as a “go-to” solution to generate value from the 80%

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