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    7 Terrifying Examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have voiced their concerns about self-aware AI, and UK parliament has recently proposed an ethics committee  dealing with machines. According to Bloomberg , scientists even met in 2017 to discuss the apparently very real dangers behind AI. Is there any danger? Tay Microsoft unveiled Tay (short for “thinking about you”)

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    Emoticon Use From East to West

    Emoticons become ever more prevalent in the text-based communications of today, giving context for written communication such as emails, texts and online forum posts. Just as facial expressions and body language do in personal interactions, these animations serve a similar purpose. If a business or brand intends to succeed in their messaging across cultural and

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    Popular Machine Learning Data Skills

    Machine learning is a rapidly growing segment of computer science and engineering. The discipline combines skills from multiple areas including programming, computer science, information technology, data science and engineering. The general idea behind machine learning is to give computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. They are valuable for any business and customer

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