We provide one stop shop for NLP solutions by combining our NLP expertise and direct access to the largest network of Natural Language Processing experts. Focusing on:

Product definition and validation plan for any NLP application

With its expertise in NLP domain and years of experience in NLP project & product management, NLP People is an ideal partner for a company interested in getting into the field of language technologies or optimizing the existing ones.

We make it our job to fully understand specific requirements of each particular project and translate them into technical specifications by:

– assisting in building a solid product roadmap,
– outlining success metrics
– defining an MVP for the validation.

NLP project management, including building efficient team to develop an NLP application

After years of work in Natural Language Processing domain we’ve accumulated the largest and most complete network of NLP experts worldwide.

Our database contains over 3000 active researchers and developers with expertise in a great variety of methods for language technologies and unique skills to evaluate, design, develop and validate any NLP application many of whom are open to new opportunities and cooperations.
NLP People will be happy to provide you with access to this unique resource to build a team of NLP experts and to manage your project from its start to final delivery.

Machine Translation Consulting

Our team of experienced Machine Translation practitioners will help you clearly see how MT and adjacent technologies can help you optimize your translation processes and enable new use cases.

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While most service providers tend to say “yes” to ANY incoming order, NLP People is different.

Before accepting any project we conduct a preliminary phase of evaluation and preliminary analysis. In case our experts come to the conclusion that state-of-the-art NLP-technology is currently unable to deliver the required solution, we will still provide you with the list of research lines to be closely monitored.

In case we accept the project, we will guarantee delivery in accordance with your requirements and will provide you with full transparency on all PM aspects of our work.

As our customer you will be provided with the full explanation on our methods, time and budget estimations and the profile in accordance to which the NLP experts will be selected. Together we will also agree on the success metrics of the project.

So reach out at info@nlppeople.com if you are ready to enhance your interaction with NLP technology in a flexible and efficient way.



A company developing project management software decided to embed chatbot technology into their product. While the company didn’t possess an in-house expertise in NLP domain, it approached NLP People with a request to develop proof of concept for a chatbot from scratch.

The bot should have had basic natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities of understanding simple scenarios within project management domain as well as conduct small-talk conversation. The scenarios should have been integrated into client’s backend systems. The bot should have been integrated into Slack. There were no constraints on programming language and bot/NLU frameworks.
NLP People experts chose Java as a programming language and Api.ai as an NLU platform. MongoDB was chosen as a persistence database.
In the course of development, NLP People team worked in close collaboration with the client to ensure they meet all their requirements. The development included domain vocabulary building, training Api.ai NLU engine, basic bot framework development and integration of the bot to Slack and to backend client’s systems.
NLP People delivered the project on-time and handed it over to a client’s technical team accompanied by detailed explanation and documentation of work done. The client picked the project, quickly developed product-ready chatbot and deployed it to the end-user product.

Machine translation for e-commerce: product descriptions

The new generation of machine translation (MT) based on neural networks opens new horizons for multilingual content scaling in online shopping and web marketing. A rapidly growing e-commerce company operating in the retail mass market, asked NLP People’s assistance with developing a neural MT system tailored to the company’s domain.

NLP People took full ownership over data collection, pre- and post-processing, system training, testing and final quality evaluation. The quality of neural MT developed by NLP People measured in terms of customer usability and linguistic quality turned out to be significantly higher than of any publicly available online MT engines.
The MVP product consisted of a customizable MT API and pre-trained MT systems for 4 most commercially important languages for the company. The MVP made it possible to publish textual content on the website with minimal (if any) human quality checking, thus dramatically decreasing time-to-market for company products and translation cost.

NLP showcase: automatic text generation

NLP People collaborated with a rapidly growing e-commerce company that operates in the retail mass-market on generating a multilingual textual content in a scalable way and delivering personalized content to different types of audiences.

NLP People designed and implemented a content generation machine that used advanced natural language processing algorithms based on deep learning principles. The machine takes structured data from the internal MySQL database of products and generates product descriptions with quality close to human. The automatically generated content is delivered simultaneously in 3 languages.
The NLP People engineers are currently working with company’s digital marketing team to personalize product descriptions to adjust it to different groups of customers. It will allow increasing the relevance of product descriptions depending on various characteristics of the customers, like age, demography, income, etc.


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