We provide one stop shop for NLP solutions by combining our NLP expertise and direct access to the largest network of NLP experts.
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While most service providers tend to say “yes” to ANY incoming order, NLP People is different.

Before accepting any project we conduct a preliminary phase of evaluation and preliminary analysis. In case our experts come to conclusion that state-of-the-art NLP-technology is currently unable to deliver the required solution, we will still provide you with the list of research lines to be closely monitored.

In case we accept the project, we will guarantee delivery in accordance with your requirements and will provide you with full transparency on all PM aspects of our work.

As our customer you will be provided with full explanation on our methods, time and budget estimations and the profile in accordance to which the NLP experts will be selected. Together we will also agree on the success metrics of the project.

So reach out at if you are ready to enhance your interaction with NLP technology in a flexible and efficient way.



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