NLP Landscape: Germany (Industry & Meetups)

Are you looking to study or work in the field of NLP? For this series, NLP People will be taking a closer look at the NLP education & development landscape in different parts of the world, including the best sites for job-seekers and where you can go for the leading NLP-related education programs on offer. The fourth article of the series covers German industry; see our previous articles about Ireland, France and German research & education 



Amazon develops speech and language solutions behind Amazon Echo and other Amazon products and services. The company is always on the hunt for people with NLP, machine learning, data engineering, and data science background and offers a handful of open job and internship positions in the related sub-fields across Amazon’s offices in Germany.



Based in Berlin and New York, Babbel is a language learning platform, helping one learn a new language on the go. Open job positions can be looked up here.



Google is regularly hiring specialists with NLP, speech recognition, machine learning, deep learning, and machine translation experience for its major (Google Cloud, Google Translate) and independent projects in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich.



Mozilla is developing the concept of the Web as the platform, providing a variety of open-source software products. From time to time the company hires NLP-related specialists for their office in Berlin. For more information check their jobs section.



Nuance is developing intelligent systems for medical documentation, as well as mobile and automotive sectors. Utilising natural language understanding, they provide solutions that literally ‘speak human language’ by making users free from the need to acquire technical jargon. For open job positions visit their job section.




Anacode is a Berlin-based company, providing cutting-edge NLP technology for market intelligence in Emerging Markets. The company utilises algorithms for targeted data collection and semantic analysis to extract fine-grained information from various types of customer feedback and market opinions. Open job positions can be found here.



DeepL is a Cologne-based startup that utilises deep neural networks to build state-of-the-art machine translation service. DeepL has repeatedly outperformed its competitors such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft in blind translation tests. The company is hiring.



Dymatrix provide solutions for customer analytics and marketing automation, offering data mining automation software and big data analytics. For open job positions visit the careers section on their website.



Lateral is a Berlin-based machine learning startup, developing machine learning tools that allow companies to integrate knowledge-extracting algorithms into their products. They work on recommender systems, processing both text content and user behaviour to automatically make recommendations of relevant information. Their job offers can be found here.



Lilt develops intelligent software to automate business translation. Their product consists of a workflow engine for enterprise localization and an adaptive neural machine translation system. They are hiring.



spaCy is an open-source software library for advanced industrial-strength NLP, created by Explosion AI, a digital studio specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. They are not hiring at the moment, but you can always drop them a line. handles most common and repetitive questions in self-learning chat-based customer service. Their products are language-agnostic as they use deep learning in the development of their algorithms. For open job positions click here.



Yukkalab is a Berlin-based startup, providing solutions for the real-time context-based news and sentiment analysis in the European financial branch. Their open positions can be viewed here.



Berlin Machine Learning Group

A meetup for academics, professionals and hobbyists interested in applications and latest developments in Machine Learning, and AI more broadly, with the main focus on computer vision, speech recognition, text mining, and generative design.


Berlin NLP

A meetup for software developers and researchers interested in understanding and applying latest research in NLP.


Berlin Students & Professionals AI, Machine Learning & NLP
A meetup for students, professionals, and enthusiasts interested in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and Computational Linguistics.


Leipzig Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Meetup

A meetup for everyone interested in real world applications of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This group also organises workshops on teaching how to use Google’s TensorFlow and Keras.


German.AI Meetup

A meetup that is organising regular “Stammtisch” meetings dedicated to exchanging news and knowledge about theoretical and applied artificial intelligence, machine learning and related fields.


Apart from the mentioned groups, there are dozens of NLP-related meetups hosted across Germany, Machine Learning UserGroup Stuttgart, Frankfurt Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Meetup Frankfurt, Machine Learning Rhein-Neckar to name a few.



NLPPeople is a global NLP-dedicated career & consultancy portal covering positions both in industry and academia. NLP Germany jobs are covered quite extensively there


About author:

Alena Vasilevich is a linguist gone computational. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies from Malmö University (Sweden) and at the moment is completing her M.Sc. in Language Science and Technology at Saarland University (Germany).
In her graduate thesis, she focuses on sentiment analysis of morphologically rich Russian data, driven by shallow and deep learning approaches. Alena is a research assistant at Anacode, Berlin-based startup doing software for international market intelligence based on NLP and large-scale Web data mining


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