What is wrong with Big Data?

Big data is now a buzzword. Many developers work hard to improve the processing of large amounts of data and many data scientists work on data analysis problems. Nevertheless not all is well in this field. Big data cause big problems:

Insufficient data integration. Data are stored in large warehouses and different groups of specialists control different kinds of data. This causes some problems as systems managing data are not integrated enough to work for achieving the organization tasks. It means that organizations dealing with big data need to improve the integration of their data pools and data management systems
Lack of highly qualified data analysts. Normally organizations have many IT employees and an insufficient number of data scientists or data analysts. Various statistics (including those about university students) show a great shortage of specialists who have knowledge of computer science, statistics, machine learning and good analytical skills. It means that organizations should help people become data analysts
Poor communication within an organization. Normally business users do not trust anything that does not seem intuitively true. This is why communication between them and data analysts whose work with big data is largely automated is not easy.

Source: .io

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