What is a Data Scientist’s career path

First job

Any career path starts from the first job. So, how can a green data scientist get it?

Be ready to face the situation when a hiring manager has a foggy notion of what data science is. You need to check firstly, if it is a real job for a Data Scientist.
During the interview, you should persuade the interviewers that you can:

strike into a problem that is fuzzy for you
resolve real-world problems
be able to communicate with non-specialists
Second job

On your second job your potential employer will be more interested in your specialized knowledge, your experience, tasks you dealed with on your previous job and less interested in qualities that were vital for your first working place.

In addition, don’t get discouraged! You don’t need to be super experienced in order to get a position of Data Scientist. However, you do need to have a fundamental knowledge base in data mining techniques, willingness and ability to work in a team and be ready to work with people who have no exposure to the world of Data Science.

Keep in mind some downsides of being a Data Scientist in any company.

Source: .io

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