Top-5 trends in Big Data Analysis

In the near future, the following major trends are expected in Big Data analysis:

Big Data technology will be based on a mixture of cloud and on-premises computing. Many corporations start migrating from in-house database infrastructures to cloud-based data warehouses.
Distributed frameworks for data analytics like MapReduce are turning into distributed managers of resources and Hadoop is becoming a general-purpose operating environment to which various analytical operations can be plugged.
Unlike traditional approaches to database management where you should design a database structure before entering any data, enterprise data hubs allow dumping the data sources immediately into a large Hadoop repository.
We should expect new advances in predictive analytics. What was impossible with huge datasets can now be easily accomplished owing to the synergy of big data and computer power. New modifications of machine learning algorithms for dealing with Big Data will certainly appear in the near future.
New SQL-like languages will appear to facilitate working with Hadoop. SQL on Hadoop offers more convenient and less expensive options for Big Data scientists.

Source: .io

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