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As you are here, you probably already know that Natural Language Processing, along with Data Mining and Machine Learning are quickly developing areas of Computer Science. is a job market portal for NLP industry that allows you to search through hundreds of active job openings in language technology and related areas. informs our readers about most recent opportunities in the world of natural language processing and features the most attractive, relevant opportunities posted by companies, recruiting agencies and academic institutions. So if words like language model, machine translation, clustering or page rank mean something to you, then you are in the right place to find the your next position in either industry or academia.

 The whole point of the language technology is to learn to make use of language data. On one hand, language technology is becoming more and more tied to adjacent fields of applied computer science, like data mining and machine learning. On the other hand, there is a growing interest to the NLP techniques in the field of information retrieval and localization.

 This is the main reason why language technology is one of the hottest topics in industry and academia. Machine translation, language understanding, speech synthesis, dialog systems, language generation – all these areas are actively attracting investment and public/governmental funding that leads to a growing number of openings in the NLP field.

However, adequate preparation for a career in any of the areas of language technology is crucially important. Good NLP professionals can come from different fields:

 – they can be native computer scientists with deep understanding of linguistics,

– they can be traditional linguists with sufficient background in computer science,

– they can be coming from the data mining field, physics, mathematics, etc. with interest to computational linguistics,

– finally, they can be graduates of one of still rare, but consistently growing language technology programs.

The international nature of the NLP talent pool does add an extra element of interest: experienced NLP professionals seek to further their career in many big and small companies worldwide. They have an opportunity to work with people from different cultural groups, speaking different languages and coming from with various backgrounds.

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