Microsoft launches Cortana Analytics Suite with Power BI, Azure Machine Learning, and more in a monthly subscription

Microsoft today announced Cortana Analytics Suite, a new package of data storage, information management, machine learning, and business intelligence software in a single convenient monthly subscription. Microsoft’s Cortana personal digital assistant, until now available to consumers on mobile devices and PCs, is part of the new package, designed to give non-technical people a simple interface that can let them ask questions of data and receive answers in response.

Microsoft executives are unveiling the product today at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, Fla.

It feels like Microsoft is throwing in everything but the kitchen sink from its data portfolio for this new suite. But Microsoft is doing it for a reason.

“We actually found customers are stitching all of these pieces together to do a lot of these integrated scenarios that cover everything from looking at what happened in the past to predicting to driving some specific actions within an automated system,” Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president of information management and machine learning at Microsoft, told VentureBeat in an interview. “When we step back, then if we brought these things together in an integrated suite that worked very well together, it makes for a lot of high-value scenarios.”

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Source: VentureBeat

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