International Master’s degree in Cognitive Science

International Master’s degree in Cognitive Science (Application deadline
March 20, 2015)

Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento

International excellence

The International Master?s program in Cognitive Science offers a unique
opportunity for students aiming to train as scientists. Its main aim is
to prepare strong Ph.D. candidates who are well trained and that can be
competitive and confident in performing research in international
settings. All courses are given in English by scientists who have
developed research programs in top level institutions, through their
wide network of international collaborations. The Center for Mind/Brain
Sciences (CIMeC) has an excellent international reputation as one of the
leading research centers in its field and the University of Trento has
been ranked as the top university in Italy.

Hands-on research training

All students are actively involved in developing research projects and
have access to the laboratories during the master?s program, thus
gaining invaluable hands-on experience with the latest research
technologies, including fMRI, EEG, MEG, TMS and eye tracking. This
opportunity, usually granted only at the doctoral level courses,
provides the type of technical skills needed in industry and necessary
for acceptance into competitive Ph.D. programs. Our students have been
accepted into leading graduate studies programs in Universities
throughout Europe and North America, including Brown, Cambridge,
Dartmouth, Harvard and Max Plank Institute Tubingen.

Diversity and opportunity

The Master?s program is open to and aimed towards students from diverse
backgrounds, including students with no background in cognitive
sciences. The Master in Cognitive Science program is international: our
students arrive from all continents and after graduation, find positions
in their home countries and others. A recent survey conducted on 23
graduates of the program shows that 90% found a job within 3 months of
graduation. In addition to those who continue onto a PhD program, we are
also very proud of the success of those students who chose careers in
industry. They have found interesting positions in management of
academic research (both clinical and non-clinical), software
development, and consulting.

For further information about these opportunities see:

Personalized research and study plans

Students choose between two tracks, which both offer a selection of
specialized courses to allow students to tailor their training to their
academic interests:

– Cognitive Neuroscience (CNS)

– Language and Multimodal Interaction (LMI)

Application procedures and deadlines

The first call for the incoming 2015 class is now open to applicants
from both within and outside the EU, with a deadline of March 20, 2015.
Details regarding the online application process can be found here:

Applications should include:

-Bachelor’s degree and/or official university transcripts

-Official English language certificate

-Motivation letter

-Letters of Recommendation

In addition, we anticipate a second call, open only to EU citizens and
other residents of Italy in July.

Fees and funding opportunities

There are a number of funding opportunities based on need and/or merit,
including the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Language and Communication
Technologies. Details can be found here

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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