How much does a data scientist make at Facebook?

I signed up on Glassdoor to check salaries posted by data scientists, in various companies. Of course these numbers are subject to fraud (companies posting low salaries to drive salaries down, data scientists posting high salaries to drive salaries up), but so are most salary surveys. Even tax returns don’t tell the true story. I believe it gives a good approximation though.
Sign-up on Glassdors to find more data scientist salaries, as well as salaries associated with other job titles: director of analytics, chief scientist, data analyst etc. Payscale offers interesting salary data as well. Not sure if ADP publishes salary reports, but they sure know the salaries of more than 50,000,000 people. Finally, in US, salaries of public employees are …public. We also regularly publish salary reports for analytic practitioners.


Source: AnalyticsBridge

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