Deep Learning in a Nutshell – what it is, how it works, why care?

Deep learning and neural networks are increasingly important concepts in computer science with great strides being made by large companies like Google and startups like DeepMind. By Nikhil Buduma (Musings of an MIT student).

Deep learning. Neural networks. Backpropagation. Over the past year or two, I’ve heard these buzz words being tossed around a lot, and it’s something that has definitely seized my curiosity recently. Deep learning is an area of active research these days, and if you’ve kept up with the field of computer science, I’m sure you’ve come across at least some of these terms at least once.

Deep learning can be an intimidating concept, but it’s becoming increasingly important these days. Google’s already making huge strides in the space with the Google Brain project and its recent acquisition of the London-based deep learning startup DeepMind. Moreover, deep learning methods are beating out traditional machine learning approaches on virtually every single metric.

So what exactly is deep learning? How does it work? And most importantly, why should you even care?


Source: KD Nuggets

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