An Inside View of Language Technologies at Google

Natural language processing, or NLP, is the machine handling of written and spoken human communications. Methods draw on linguistics and statistics, coupled with machine learning, to model language in the service of automation.

OK, that was a dry definition.

Fact is, NLP is at, or near, the core of just about every information-intensive process out there. NLP powers search, virtual assistants, recommendations, and modern biomedical research, intelligence and investigations, and consumer insights. (I discuss ways it’s applied in my 2013 article, All About Natural Language Processing.)

No organization is more heavily invested in NLP — or investing more heavily — than Google. That’s why a keynote on “Language Technologies at Google,” presented by Google Research’s Enrique Alfonseca, was a natural for the up-coming LT-Accelerate conference, which I co-organize. (LT-Accelerate takes place 23-24 November in Brussels. Join us!)


Source: BreakThroughAnalysis

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