An Easy Way to Create Algorithm Visualizations

Google’s DeepDream project has gone viral which allows to visualize the deep learning neural networks. It highlights a need for a generalized algorithm visualization tool, in this post we introduce to you one such effort.
By Daniel Moisset, (

We have released an initial version of, a web application which allows creating and sharing algorithm visualizations. We are going beyond just making a gallery of nice algorithm visualizations, to building the place where people can learn, talk and communicate visually about their code. There are many interesting features (and bug fixes) in our roadmap, but we wanted to release so you can already see what we are on.

Walnut allows users to write programs in Python or Javascript, and make them interact with virtual “worlds” also designed by users. The worlds define shared state, possible actions, what part of the state is visible to each program, etc. It is possible to run single or multiple programs in a world, and then see the results. Then you can define, using a simple declarative DSL, how to represent the result of the execution (the actions that the program did, and both world and program state). You can have many different aspects of a single run with different visualizations.

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