ACL-IJCNLP Student Research Workshop 2015 — pre-submission mentoring program

The new deadline for participation in the pre-submission mentoring program of ACL SRW is February 24.

We encourage students that plan to submit their papers to ACL-IJCNLP Student Research Workshop 2015 to take part in the mentoring program!

More information about mentoring program:
Submission guidelines:

If you have any questions, please contact student chairs by email at


Call for Papers
The Student Research Workshop (SRW) is held in conjunction with ACL 2015. The SRW is designed to provide a venue for student researchers in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing to present their work. Students will receive feedback and mentorship from an experienced researcher in the field. Mentors will be assigned to each student based on the topic of the students work. The SRW invites two types of submissions:

Research Papers- completed work or works-in-progress along with preliminary results. We encourage submissions from masters students and advanced undergraduates in addition to from Ph.D. students.
Thesis Proposal- for advanced students who have decided on a thesis topic and are interested in feedback about their proposal and ideas about future directions for their work.
The deadline for submission is March 31. Students who wish to receive pre-submission mentoring must submit by February 24. Please see the list of Important Dates and Submission Guidelines.

Student Chairs
Kuan-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University)
Angelina Ivanova (University of Oslo)
Ellie Pavlick (University of Pennsylvania)

Faculty Advisors
Emily Bender (University of Washington)
Chin-Yew Lin (Microsoft)
Stephan Oepen (University of Oslo)

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