The HLT-NLP research group at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Trento, Italy)
is happy to announce the availability of a PhD scholarship on
?Flexible Dialogue Models for Conversational Agents and ChatBots?.

– Description of the call: Conversational agents are designed to
interact with users in multiple domains on several topics using
natural language. Many chatbots have been deployed on the Internet
(social media, e-commerce websites, just to mention a few) for the
purpose of seeking information, question answering, coaching tasks,
online shopping, and so on. Usually these applications work in a
strictly limited domain with a clear and well defined dialogue
structure, with little adaptation capabilities to the contextual and
social situation.
The goal of this PhD Thesis is to improve the portability of dialogue
modeling both among languages and application domains. We aim at
extracting dialogue schemas from diverse sources (e.g. social
networks) and to develop new methodologies to combine these schemas.
The objective is to allow for a greater dialogue flexibility and
re-planning capabilities when the conversational agent is faced with
unknown or unexpected situations.
The candidate is expected to investigate innovative research
directions in dialogue modeling, integrating advanced machine learning
technologies (e.g. deep learning) and knowledge based technologies.
This PhD is based on a collaboration with Adeptmind inc, and the
candidate will have the opportunity to spend some periods in the





How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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