This PhD project, funded by the Dutch SIDN fund, is part of the Patient Forum Miner (PFM) research programme. Patients often share experiences on internet fora. These experiences often contain valuable information for patients, medical specialists and researchers. This information is hidden in an abundance of messages for emotional support. The aim of the PFM programme is to extract the information which is of real value and formulate hypotheses which can be input for further clinical research. The aim of this PhD project is to strengthen the scientific basis for the PFM method and develop methods for validation of results found by the text mining process. The PhD candidate will focus on finding new clinically relevant patterns in patient fora using semantic annotation, data mining methods and cross-linking with curated knowledge. The end goal is to develop a scientific method for deriving new knowledge from patient experiences. The project is a collaboration with the Leiden University Medical Center and will be embedded in the Leiden University Data Science program.

Project page: http://liacs.leidenuniv.nl/~kraaijw/index.php/empowerment-patients-mining-line-communities-knowledge/

Key responsibilities
The PhD candidate will carry out original competitive scientific research, publish results in top conferences and scientific journals, and will participate in teaching.


Leiden Unviersity


We are looking for a highly motivated university graduate who is a top performer among peers, has an excellent education and/or research track record proven by relevant experience, publications, etc.;
University degree (MSc), preferably in Computer Science or Artificial Intelligence;
Fluency in spoken and written English, good presentation skills;
Strong programming skills, e.g., in C/C++, Java, and/or Python;
Experience with data-mining algorithms;
Being able to work in a team.

Educational level:

Master Degree

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