Maluuba is seeking full time researchers and research interns to join Maluuba’s Research team. Our group is committed to advancing the field of artificial intelligence and is active in the wider research community. As part of the research team, you will design and develop deep learning models for natural language and conversational dialogue systems. You will be required to productively contribute to a team and may have to solve research and engineering problems related to training / deployment of models. These include but are not limited to hardware and software efficiency and preparation/cleaning and collection of data. You will also have the opportunity to test your knowledge in a challenging problem-solving environment. Our research oriented culture demands coming up with out-of-the-box and innovate solutions to solve real-life problems.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Ph.D Graduate/Student in Computer Science, Statistics or related fields
  • Experience applying deep learning approaches such as recurrent neural networks, deep convolutional neural networks and/or recursive neural networks
  • Fluency in Python, Java, C/C++ or other related languages
  • Strong scientific curiosity and initiative
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Hands on experience with at least one of the following tools: Theano, Pylearn/Pylearn2 , Torch or a similar toolkit

Experience with Natural language processing is not required.


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About Maluuba

We are at the intersection of NLP, content, and artificial intelligence and aim to bring them together to redefine search. We are driven by a single defining purpose: to envision and build technology that utilizes natural language for enhancing search and provisioning relevant and useful content.

Natural Language Processing

We aim to expose the potential of natural language processing to the world. Our statistical machine learning system allows us to expand into new categories extremely quickly, which enables us to change search paradigms to make it as natural and simple as possible.


Maluuba is beginning to organize rich unstructured and structured data on the web to strive towards providing more relevant results. We're scaling to support massive growth and millions of search queries. Maluuba's strong infrastructure foundation allows our robust system to scale for maximum availability to millions of users.

Personal Assistant App Product

Our easy to use interface makes it simpl