We’re looking for a machine translation expert to join our growing language technology team and work on cutting-edge machine translation and natural language solutions. Over the course of the last number of years, we’ve built a state-of-the-art platform for developing MT engines across a variety of complex language pairs and domains. With a growing client base and an ambitious product roadmap for this year and beyond, it’s now time to bring things to the next level (Neural MT anyone?)

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is interested in the practical application of machine translation and language technology to solve real-world challenges. It’s ideal for someone who has a strong grounding in NLP but is willing to learn and try new things in a young, energetic, start-up environment based in beautiful Dublin, Ireland.

The best aspect of this role is that it’s never dull! You will never be stuck working on the same task constantly because we are always working with new clients on new data, interesting languages, and wide-ranging domains. It is a fantastic opportunity to both refine and broaden your skillset to try out new techniques, and implement established processes that will be used by our clients to translate hundreds of millions of words each year.

Roles and Responsibilities
– Stay up to date with latest advances in NLP research related to machine translationNeural MT / deep learning
– Online learning / incremental retraining
– Quality estimation and evaluation
– Develop processes and techniques to improve our existing translation architecture including:Language specific techniques e.g. morphological analysis, syntax-based approaches
– Data selection, domain adaptation, and deep learning
– Language identification, multilingual optical character recognition, and more
– Explore best practices when developing translation solutions and engines for new language pairs, domains, and content types
– Work with the software engineering team to turn research techniques into practical commercial solutions
– Work on broader considerations of practical machine translation use, e.g. file processing, tag handling, data cleaning, and translation efficiency
– Lead the implementation of end-to-end projects for new clients
Technical Skills and Experience
– MSc or PhD in Computational Linguistics or similar discipline, and/or relevant commercial experience in the area
– Strong knowledge of core Natural Language Processing approaches, particularly as relates to Machine Translation, e.g. data-driven approaches, statistical modelling, etc.
– Hands-on experience working and developing with open source tools such as Moses, Giza++, and other common NLP packages
– You will be coding. Strong object-oriented programming skills are a must (Java would be a bonus)
– Hands-on experience working and developing with open source tools such as Moses, Giza++, and other common NLP packages
– A passion for language technology!
The following skills are not strictly necessary for the role but would be a plus:

– NLP experience with a language other than English (particularly Asian languages)
– Familiarity with latest trends in deep learning, artificial intelligence
– Experience with technologies such as Amazon Web Services (e.g. EC2), relational databases (e.g. MySQL)
– Familiarity with tools and processes in a translation workflow such as, CAT tools, post-editing, and translation evaluation

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About Iconic Translation Machines Ltd

2017 is off to a fast start at Iconic and we’re looking to add some new talent to our young, multi-national, multi-lingual team! We have number of exciting openings across our technical and operations teams. If you are interested in joining a young team at the forefront of developing cutting-edge translation technology that is helping companies across the world to communicate, get it touch!

Iconic Translation Machines Ltd. is a language technology software company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Founded as a spin-out company from Dublin City University, we have assembled a word-class team that is taking more than a decade’s worth of leading research and development into Machine Translation and language technology and bringing it to our partners in an easy to use, cost-effective manner.

We help the translation companies, information providers, and government organisations to adopt specialised, secure machine translation solutions of superior quality, tailored with subject matter expertise. We make machine translation practical for new industries and technical content types that are not traditionally accessible to language technology through our Ensemble Architecture™ and we pride ourselves on helping our partners through this journey.