Signal is looking for a specialist in Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning who can help develop the technology needed to drive our new information service. Signal is creating a product that allows our clients to receive a feed of information based on very specific and complex requirements (e.g. “All the news related to IPOs of European technology companies”). We are building this technology using cutting-edge algorithms for different information processing tasks in collaboration with leading universities. The next steps in the business will focus on how allows users to discover new information by navigating through all our information and automatically generating actionable insight from it.

The successful candidate will join our research team whose main goal is to analyse, implement and experiment with different algorithms to solve or improve solutions to different challenges such as summarization, clustering and event detection.

How we work
We currently have a team of 15 people from diverse functional backgrounds (mainly developers and researchers) that work closely together to bring this project forward. We combine technology from several research fields, including machine learning; natural language processing; and information retrieval. We also work in close collaboration with several universities and we encourage the publication of research results from the team in academic conferences. As an example, we have just presented an industry talk and a demonstration (which won the best demonstration award) in ECIR 2015. We are based in Second Home, a vibrant and innovative working space in the heart of London.

Candidate background
A successful candidate will need to be able to propose, implement and evaluate solutions to real-world requirements, while being able to work in a team of developers and researchers. We are looking for a candidate who is ambitious, entrepreneurial and ready to buy into the long-term vision of this company. The ideal candidate should be highly technical, have strong analytical skills, share our innovative values and be self-motivated. Excellent communication skills, being open-minded and inquisitive and having the desire to learn new skills are essential to thrive in our fast-paced multi-disciplinary environment.




Essential skills and qualifications:
MSc or PhD in a field related to Text Analytics (e.g. natural language processing, information retrieval, machine learning or similar), or equivalent commercial experience;
Detailed knowledge of one or more of the following fields:
* Entity Recognition and Disambiguation
* Concept / Topic Extraction
* Document summarization
* Trend Detection
* Sentiment Analysis
Substantial programming experience (preferably in a commercial environment)
Clojure or similar languages (e.g. Java or Python)
Software collaboration and revision control (e.g. Git or SVN)

Desired skills and experiences:
ElasticSearch / Kibana
Cloud computing (e.g. AWS)
Hadoop / Spark etc.
Graph Databases

Educational level:

Master Degree

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