The research group “methods and innovation” – exploration space welcomes an interdisciplinary and diverse community
of academics and practitioners to join engaging in the challenges and opportunities of cyberspace on the interface of
science, technology and society. We offer you exciting opportunities to implement your visions within an open minded,
curious, international experimental research environment. The employment runs for one year in the first instance with
the possibility of an extension.
Major responsibilities:
 analysing textual, visual and cultural heritage data sets; data sets related to image science
 implementing open documentation and workflows
 technical co-coordination
 contribution to the other work packages of the projects
 reporting to Project Coordinator, Research Group Coordinator
 international scientific dissemination, knowledge transfer & documentation of results
 contribution to international cooperations and projects
 representation in national and international (related) bodies
 contribute to the experimental approaches
 teamwork in virtual intercultural and multilingual environments




Basic qualifications:
 demonstrated ability to generate new ideas and to innovate, experience/curiosity to work on cultural
 thorough knowledge in knowledge representation and in NLP technologies
 proven knowledge in some scripting and declarative languages (e.g. Python, R, SQL) and scientific
computing packages (e.g. Django, Flask)
 experience with relational and NoSQL DBMS (e.g. Postgresql, Mysql, Elasticsearch, MongoDB)
 experience with operating-system-level virtualization (container) technologies (e.g. Docker)
 hands on experience with open science and related infrastructures
 proven leadership experience
 fluent English.
Additional qualifications / Assets:
 familiarity with knowledge organization systems and processes (Thesaurus, Taxonomies, Ontologies)
 information visualisation, Semantic Web technologies (RDF, SKOS, LOD, SPARQL), experience/knowledge
in Blockchain technologies and AI
 experience with Open Innovation in Science methods and practices
 experience with Research Infrastructures
 administrative and organisational skills
 further language skills and artistic activities are beneficial
Personal skills:
excellent communication skills, open minded, creative, (cognitive) flexible, fast switching, inquisitive, tolerant,
coordinating with others, complex problem-solving, critical thinking, proactive, enthusiastic.

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