This is a confidential search hence unable to divulge lot of information in the public domain.

This position is with one of the most disruptive well funded start-up company.

A very interesting problem to solve across the areas of Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Personalization, Optimization, Sentiment Analysis, Text Mining and NLP) in one business.


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About Food People

It’s incredible to learn what certain foods can do to our bodies. Food is how we fuel ourselves, and I think it’s really important to view food in that way – as an energy source. Having this perspective on food causes us to make the effort to supply our bodies with the best ingredients, making us feel excellent – both physically and mentally. I was recently researching methods for improving memory, and realized that the food we eat plays a big role in this. Read on to discover 4 foods that will help improve your memory – plus some ideas on how to incorporate each one into your diet!