Our client has an immediate opening for a Speech Scientist. You will work on automated speech recognition and natural language processing applications, covering a broad range of activities in all project phases, including the design, development, and optimization of the system. You will:
• Work across application development teams to ensure best possible recognition performance and user experience in deployed systems
• Identify recognition challenges and assess accuracy feasibility during the design phase
• Design, develop, and test VoiceXML grammars and create grammars for dynamic contexts
• Analyze performance of applications by identifying hot-spots, assessing caller and user navigational success, along with recognition accuracy.
Required Skills
• BS or MS in Computer Science, Engineering, Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics, Physics, Mathematics, or related field
• Excited about working with customers to optimize systems for their unique requirements and to apply empirical data to generate successes.
• Motivated to work with PS leaders and Sales to recommend creative solutions that lead to new business.
• Passionate about analyzing data to solve problems and improve systems
• Good programming skills, preferably with a scripting language such as Perl or Python
• Ability to scope work taking technical, business and time-frame constraints into consideration
• Experience with XML, VoiceXMLAbility to speak Spanish, Mandarin, and other foreign languages preferred


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