This is an opportunity for a top of the line NLP specialist to cut their teeth into some of the toughest and most creative problems Data Science can throw at them. This company specializes in the medical imaging sector and is looking for an extremely talented NLP expert to work across a wide variety of cutting-edge projects. If you are looking for a real challenge to take your skills to the next level and work in one of the most advanced Data Science teams in the industry – this is the role for you.

The Company

As an AI Scientist, you’ll find yourself working closed with some of the best Data Scientists and Engineers in New York in one of the world’s most innovative medical tech startups. The company applies advanced machine learning models to all types of imaging and has had unprecedented success in this space. They have seen great success increasing accuracy of medical images as well as vastly increasing diagnoses time, decreasing costs on both the patient and clinician side.


With a rich and varied dataset to work from, using images, as well as medical claims and everything in between, you’ll have the chance to apply your AI, NLP expertise to change the way medical imaging takes place. It will be your responsibility to identify and enact the capacity of Deep Learning for NLP throughout the company.
You will work with a growing multidisciplinary team of talented data scientists, statisticians, engineers, and researchers to leverage unique healthcare data
You will have the opportunity to work with extremely diverse and entirely unique medical image and healthcare datasets that extend to all phases of care delivery from the perspective of all key stakeholders (patients, providers, payers).
Responsibilities will include helping to execute the company’s AI strategy in the area of language understanding, as well as to further create, extend, and validate the language processing algorithms




You will need to be a proven problem solver, critical thinker, and have an advanced technical background to join this growing, yet experienced team. The successful AI Scientist will likely have the following skills and experience:
PhD or MS in computer science or related discipline with work experience as a Research Scientist in Machine Learning and Natural Language Programming
Strong deep learning background and familiarity with state-of-the-art NLP techniques (BERT, XLM, XLNet)
Applied programming experience in Python, C, and/or C++
Experience with libraries and tools like Tensor Flow, PyTorch, Theano, Keras, and CUDA
Ability to work as an induvial contributor as well as in an interdisciplinary team

Educational level:

Master Degree

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