Preferred candidates will have experience with: machine learning/data mining algorithms, Big Data/NoSQL architectures (ex. Hadoop/MapReduce), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Position Objective
This position is responsible for producing innovative solutions through the use of advance data analytics from complex and high-dimensional datasets. Works with business partners to understand what the business needs and issues are to address. Applies advanced knowledge of statistics, machine learning, programming, data modeling, simulation, and advanced mathematics to recognize patterns, identify opportunities, pose business questions, and make valuable discoveries to meet a variety of business challenges. Designs, develops, and evaluates predictive models and advanced algorithms that lead to business solutions. Conducts complex and vital analytics work critical to the organization. Communicates findings and recommendations to management from across different departments. Supports implementation efforts.

Primary Accountabilities

Statistical Research & Model Development (60%)
Manipulates and investigates large and complex datasets, and formulates data requirements and model specifications needed for development.
Explores data using a variety of advanced statistical (e.g., data mining) techniques to answer business questions or guide future model development.
Combines business acumen with mathematical capabilities to build complex predictive models to support business partner objectives and business needs.
Builds complex programs for running statistical tests on data and for understanding correlation of various attribute.
Creates business application and modeling framework for new datasets and discovers insights and relationships from large and complex datasets through investigative research using advanced mathematical and/or statistical techniques.
Builds the hypothesis, identifies research data attributes and determine best approach to address business issues.
Incorporates findings and provides industry and competitor insights as part of model development and enhancement.
Prepares testing scenarios and tests model performance.
Provides guidance and direction related to data research and advanced analytics to Strategic Data & Analytics staff as needed.
Provides peer review related to analytics methods and results.
Industry Research (20%)
Researches and maintains awareness of industry best practices and business strategies.
Proactively brings in new and innovative ideas and approaches to develop business solutions.
Monitors industry and competitor trends to determine potential impact to predictive models.
Networks with the broader external analytics community to build awareness of leading techniques, tools, and data resources.
Identifies, leverages and develops expertise in emerging technologies, open source tools, and harnesses new mathematical techniques (e.g. machine learning).
Model Implementation & Communication (20%)
Leads complex research or analytics projects related to large, complex business initiatives.
Effectively communicates and delivers predictive models to the business partners.
Provides knowledge transfer and training to business areas regarding new analytics applications as part of implementation process.
Prepares recommendations and findings for business partners.
Provides knowledge transfer and training on new modeling tools and methodologies to less experienced staff.
Works closely with business stakeholders to identify and answer critical questions.
Works with research and analytics staff and other areas of the business on model application and implementation.
Job Competencies
Achieve Results
Be Accountable
Maximize Customer Experience
Business Acumen
Quantitative Analysis
Technical Expertise


American Family Insurance


MS degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering Actuarial Science or related field or equivalent designation, such as Fellowship of the Casualty Actuarial Society.
Specialized Knowledge and Skills Requirements
Demonstrated experience communicating business implications of complex data relationships and results of statistical models to multiple business partners.
Demonstrated experience extracting, cleansing, combining and manipulating large, and diverse data sources for analysis.
Demonstrated experience formulating, approaching, and solving problems in massive, complex datasets.
Demonstrated experience in managing and leading large complex projects related to analytics.
Demonstrated experience performing advanced statistical analysis, including generalized linear models, decision trees, neural networks, etc., to discover business insights and develop predictive models.
Demonstrated experience with statistical and modeling software tools, such as SAS or R.

Educational level:

Master Degree

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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