We are looking for people who want to solve hard problems, make cutting-edge software and be part of a tight-knit team. Our focus is in finding people who are passionate and exceptional and finding roles for them, rather than setting specific requirements that you need to fulfil.

We are looking for new colleagues to help us design, develop, test, maintain, integrate and optimise software, web develop, product manage, research and develop disruptive technologies, develop GPU code, lead teams and push us to bigger and greater things. If you can contribute in any of these areas, whether you are a graduate or have years of experience at a senior level, whatever stage of career you are at, we are interested in exploring opportunities with you.

Your time will be spent either working on one of our core speech recognition areas (acoustic modelling, language modelling, decoding) or developing ASR-related products, scaling and optimising these products or some combination of the above


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We work in a quickly moving environment. The ability to take up a new challenge, quickly turn it around using an automated / machine learning solution and to learn from the experience personally is core to our team culture. www.speechmatics.com


A 2.1 or better in a numerate degree (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, etc.)
Confidence to program in a variety of languages / environments
Passion for world class speech recognition, machine learning and / or data mining
Preferred Experience / Knowledge in some of:

Modern speech recognition, including WFSTs, lattice processing, neural net (RNN / DNN / LSTM) acoustic / language models, Viterbi decoding
Speech recognition packages including Kaldi, HTK etc.
Signal processing including dereverberation, noise reduction, speech detection and diarisation
Machine learning and data mining (commercial and / or academic), particularly Neural Networks
Programming in a commercial environment, from design through to deployment
Programming / scripting languages: Python, C, C++, CUDA, Bash, working in a Linux environment
Low level code optimisation, benchmarking and building test suites
API design, development and maintenance
Product release management
Deployment of software on mobile phones
Management and prioritisation of multiple simultaneous complex projects
Team leadership, formal personal development planning and individual, team and process performance management

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