We are looking for experienced and passionate Machine Learning Engineer that thrive in small, focused and highly collaborative teams. You will be working closely with the Product, Design and engineering teams to not only develop, but also help define and execute on projects. Strong communication skills and a desire to be involved in all aspects of the project life-cycle are a must. You should be comfortable with a high degree of uncertainty, and be able to find the intersection between academic research and commercially available solutions.

Roles & Responsibilities
Apply machine learning techniques to understand a large amount of unstructured data with complex schemas.
Build deployable ML approaches and scalable ML platform that can support real time applications, impacting large amount of members at WeWork.
Collaborate with our team members to work in many innovative workspace applications, such as forecasting, NLP, sensors, IoT, etc.




An ideal candidate is expected to possess a solid background in machine learning and skills on building product systems.
B.S. / M.S. / Ph.D in the field of machine learning, algorithm or system.
Familiar with general machine learning tasks and techniques, such as ranking and recommendation systems.
Experience on dealing with large-scale unstructured data. Hands-on experience on developing and training machine learning models.
Strong experience in C++/Python/Java and common machine learning packages (e.g., Tensorflow, Caffe, PyTorch).
Self-motivated. Desire to pursuit very high-quality work.

Educational level:

Bachelor’s Degree

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