The Knowledge Technology Research Institute at the University of Hamburg
invites applications for a Research Associate (Postdoc or postdoc-level/
final year PhD candidate) in accordance with Section 28 subsection 2
of the Hamburg Higher Education Act (Hamburgisches Hochschul-
gesetz, HmbHG). The position commences on 1 Feb 2019 or as soon
as possible and is for three years plus a three year extension option
subject to the availability of resources.


Duties include teaching and research in the knowledge technology
institute. Research associates can also pursue independent research
and further academic qualifications as well as acquire teaching
experience. These duties are intended to promote academic achieve-
ment. Therefore, at least one-third of set working hours will be made
available for the associate’s own academic work.

Specific Duties:

The successful candidate will manage the international Master Programme
in Computer Science (Intelligent Adaptive Systems) as well as contribute
to teaching (4hrs/teaching week). Furthermore, the candidate is expected
to conduct research in the area of Knowledge Technology and Intelligent


University of Hamburg


A university degree in a relevant subject plus doctorate prefered.
Academic degree preferably in computer science qualifying the post
holder to carry out the above-mentioned responsibilities. In particular,
an MSc or PhD in Artificial Intelligence or Computer Science is essential.
This post is open to Postdocs or experienced PhD candidates. Your
demonstrated research interests should be in the areas of Knowledge
Technology and Intelligent Systems (e.g. Neural Networks, Robotics,
Natural Language Processing, Vision, or Knowledge Representation
etc). You should have published in a field relevant to this post.
We are also looking for very good communication skills and teamwork;
a very good command of both German and English is a requirement.
Experience with teaching or organisation of MSc programmes is
considered an advantage.

Educational level:

Master Degree

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