The University of Galway is recruiting a full-time, fixed term Postdoctoral
Researcher for 36 months. The successful candidate will join a diverse and
international research team on the PIETRA Project led by Professor Anne
O’Connor, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. The position is
funded by a European Research Council Consolidator Grant awarded to
Professor O’Connor and is available from March 2023 for 36 months.

*The project*

PIETRA is the first, large-scale, multilingual study of the translation
products and processes that underpin communication in global religion. The
project focuses on translation practices in the institution of the Catholic
Church and the multilingual communication of religious messages against a
background of technological change. It poses key research questions
relating to consistency of message in a large multilingual institution
across different languages, cultures and communicative formats. PIETRA
analyses the translation processes and products of the Catholic Church
across three different media (print, web and social media) and in two
different time periods to advance understandings of how multilingual
dissemination intersects with technological change and institutional
ideology. PIETRA combines the latest advances in empirical translation
research, data capture and analytics, with sociological and ethnographic
investigations to form a model for the analysis of the products and
processes of large-scale multilingual dissemination.

*The place*

This post will be based in the Moore Institute for Research in the
Humanities and Social Studies, located in the Hardiman Research Building at
the University of Galway. The researcher will work with the other members
of the research team and will benefit from dedicated training, mentorship
and networking activities. The research team will comprise of the PI, 2
postdoctoral researchers, 2 Research Assistants and 3 doctoral students.

*Job Description:*

The Postdoctoral Researcher (PDR) will work on the analysis of translations
published on digital platforms, social media and news websites by the
Catholic Church. The PDR will be responsible for the transcription and
pseudonymisation of interviews and will be involved in the dissemination of
project findings. This will include co-authoring and presenting conferences
papers; co-authoring peer-reviewed articles; coordinating social media
communications, and co-creating and organising dissemination events.


– Using corpus analysis tools for the study of translations across
multiple platforms.
– Conducting ethnographic research on translation practices.
– Analysing the religious translation processes and output.
– Promotion of the project including project website and social media.
– Contribution to project progress reports and day to day running of the
– Building collaborative relationships with researchers
– Attending core meetings
– Preparation of research work for publication, individually or in
collaboration with research team, and dissemination of results as
appropriate (peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations)


University of Galway


Suitable candidates must meet the following criteria

– PhD in Translation or related area (submitted before interview date)
– Excellent writing and communication skills
– Evidence of strong organizational and interpersonal skills
– English proficiency plus proficiency in at least two additional
languages (including one of the following: Polish, French,
Spanish, German,
Italian, Portuguese)

*Desirable Requirements:*

– Familiarity with religious translation/religious contexts
– Ability to work both collaboratively and independently
– Good evidence of quantitative research skills and/or experience
working with multilingual corpora/large data sets
– Experience of ethnographic research
– Peer-reviewed publication record

Educational level:

Ph. D.

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