The National University of Ireland Galway is recruiting a full-time, fixed
term Postdoctoral Researcher for the project Multilingual Island: Sites of
Translation and Encounter (MISTE). The project takes a ‘shared island’
approach to create an in-depth understanding of intercultural encounters in
Ireland through the lens of language and translation, comparing settings in
Galway and Belfast. The position is funded under the North-South Research

*Project Description*

This project will measure multilingual practices to investigate the role of
translation in bringing together migrants/refugees and local communities;
and to explore the creative potential of translation to raise awareness of
cultural diversity in Ireland. The project compares approaches to language
and migrant/refugee integration in different sites with a view to informing
policy and best practice.

MISTE will work in Galway and Belfast to

– Measure multilingual practices in sites of everyday encounters between
migrants/refugees and local communities (religious sites, sports grounds,
community centres, libraries);
– Investigate the role of translation (including non-professional
translation provided by religious figures, social workers etc.) in everyday
encounters between migrants/refugees and local communities;
– Explore the creative potential of translation to establish a dialogue
between migrants and the community, and to provide a migrant perspective on
the theme of Ireland as a ‘shared island’;
– Compare how Northern and Southern approaches to migrant/refugee
integration impact the practice of multilingualism.

The research team comprises researchers in University of Galway (Prof. Anne
O’Connor; Dr. Andrea Ciribuco, Dr. Lorna Shaughnessy) and in QUB (Dr. Piotr
Blumczynski). The researcher will be based in the Moore Institute for
Research in the Humanities and Social Studies, located in the Hardiman
Research Building in University of Galway and will work on sites in Galway
and in Belfast.

*Contract duration: 1 February 2023 – 31 July 2024 (18 months)*

*Job Description*

The Postdoctoral Researcher (PDR) will perform ethnographic observations of
religious and sport sites in Galway and Belfast, coordinating with
researchers from the QUB team. They will focus on multilingual interactions
in the sites, taking informed annotations on language use, translation,
(including non-professional translation and interpreting, and language
brokering), objects and tools. Subsequently, in conjunction with the other
team members, as appropriate, the PDR will conduct semi-structured
interviews in each site. The PDR will also be involved in the organisation
of translation workshops that engage with multilingual migrants in the
area, liaising with civil society partners. The post places emphasis on
ethnographic work and community engagement.

The PDR will be responsible for the transcription and pseudonymisation of
interviews and session recordings and for qualitative coding of data
through Nvivo to individuate common themes and enable a comparative
North-South analysis.

The PDR will be involved in the dissemination of project findings and raise
awareness on the potential of multilingual, migrant perspective for a
‘shared Ireland’. This will include co-authoring and presenting conferences
papers; co-authoring peer-reviewed articles; coordinating social media
communications, and co-creating and organising community outreach events.


National University of Ireland Galway


Suitable candidates must meet the following criteria

– PhD in Translation or Sociolinguistics or related area (submitted
before interview date)
– Demonstrable research interest in the intersection of language and
– Experience of ethnographic research

– Excellent writing and communication skills
– Ability to work well both collaboratively and independently
– Highly motivated, with excellent organisational skills

*Desirable criteria:*

– Demonstrable research interest in the social, cultural and policy
aspects of translation.
– Excellent IT skills / social media
– Peer-reviewed publication record
– Experience of community outreach and partnerships outside academia
– Familiarity with contexts of migration and diversity
– English proficiency plus a degree of expertise in at least two
additional languages (preferably including one of the following: Polish,
French, Romanian, Lithuanian, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese,
Chinese, Arabic, Ukrainian).

Educational level:

Ph. D.

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