The ADNVIDEO project, funded in the framework of A*MIDEX (http://amidex.univ-amu.fr/en/home), aims at extending multimodal analysis models. It focuses on jointly processing audio, speech transcripts, images, scenes, text overlays and user feedback.
Using as starting point the corpus, annotations and approaches developed during the REPERE challenge (http://defi-repere.fr), this project aims at going beyond indexing at single modalities by incorporating information retrieval methods, not only from broadcast television shows, but more generally on video documents requiring multimodal scene analysis. The novelty here is to combine and correlate information from different sources to enhance the description of the content. In particular, the use case considered may have, in terms of technology transfer, significant economic benefits regarding automatic information monitoring of people or brands: automatically find the most relevant content about a person or a brand and if this content is positive or not.

The candidate will participate in the development of a prototype for video monitoring, leading to a technology transfer towards business:

· Extraction of multimodal high-level descriptors (semantic-oriented descriptors). These semantic-oriented descriptors are extracted from low-level descriptors, especially from text transcripts :
o Extract concepts (conceptualization) from the transcript of the audio.
o Detection of semantic chapters by aggregation of concepts extracted shot/scene-wise
o Detection of novelty about peoples or brands
o Detection and extraction of sentiments and opinions
· Participation to the scientific life of the lab, including paper publication.

The allocation of the tasks can be adjusted depending on the wishes and skills of the candidate.


University of Aix-Marseille


For this project, we are looking for one candidate with a PhD degree in the areas of information retrieval, natural language processing, machine learning:

· Strong programming skills (C++, Java, Python…).

· Desire to produce functioning end-to-end systems, life-scale live demos

· Scientific rigor

· Imagination

· Top notch publications

· Excellent communication skills

· Enjoy teamwork

Specific requirements:

Duration: 23 months

Educational level:

Ph. D.

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About Avocats Associés ChristmannSchmitt

Caroline focuses on business and shipping law.

Caroline holds a master degree in european law from the University of Avignon and a master degree and DJCE (Corporate Legal Counsel Diploma) in international business law from the University of Aix-Marseille III.

Before joining Avocats associés ChristmannSchmitt, Caroline worked as associate in major Luxembourg business law firms and in a law firm specialised in shipping law in Marseilles.

She works in French, English and Spanish.