emantics Engineer for NLP (Insurance)
Your playing field at Gini

– Your mission is to enable new excellent product(s) by creating the
best possible information extraction quality
– You will ensure the best possible document processing speed providing
users with an amazingexperience
– You will extract relevant information from documents by training
Machine Learning models and hand crafting rules
– You will gather and employ secondary data to provide additional
knowledge, and ensure the best information quality
– You will be integral part of a brand new, pioneering Insurance product
from conception to roll-out and beyond
– You will work closely with a Backend Developer in your own
self-managed, cross-functional team to develop technical product
– You will actively discuss technical aspects, contribute with your
ideas and excellent code to the whole Semantics department




Your profile

– You are a specialist who has mastered regular expressions, and are
fully proficient in NLP and statistics
– You are excellent in at least one of the programming languages: Java,
Scala and / or Python
– You have hands on experience with Machine Learning and / or Deep
– You are an autonomous, self-driven individual – and others call you a
– You are a risk taker who embraces chances, and love to explore the
latest developments in the NLP and Machine Learning communities

Language requirements:

– You have strong interpersonal skills in German and / or English and are able to communicate technical details to non-technical people

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