My client are a niche team of NLP and Automated Speech Recognition experts who work in a Research orientated team utlising best practices in searching for “new alpha” in a new R&D trading group. They work on extremely large, noisy data sets with the task of extracting business useful information that is helping shape a new dynamic, industry leading group. The group are now embarking on an aggressive growth plan looking to hire “world class” talent to compliment the existing talent within the group.

The team I am working with are supported by the whole company and apply a variety of machine learning/NLP/ASR techniques to improve the performance of the group and firm, to optimise profits.

Candidates will ideally have a PhD/MSc in Statistics, Machine Learning, Comp Sci or similar. My client is looking for people who are excellent coders, coding in either C++ or Python and are open to speaking to straight grads post-doc, however have a preference for “out of industry candidates” who are open minded in tackling the complex problems of finance and non-finance related research.

All team members will bring their own expertise in any given area and have the chance to increase their knowledge to include all/most of the following techniques with internal training and the knowledge base the wider group has:

Information Retrieval (Content Recommendation, Search Metrics, Search Query)
Classification (Neural Net, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, KNN, etc)
Regression (Linear, Nonlinear, etc)
NLP Algorithms (Acoustic Modeling, Document Classification, Statistical Machine Translation)
Clustering (K-means, Fuzzy C-means, Hierarchical, Mixture Modelling, etc)
Time-series Modelling/Prediction (AR, ARMA, ARIMA, Exponential Smoothing, etc.)
Bayesian Modelling (Gaussian processes, MCMC, etc.)
Hierarchical Modelling
Statistical Model Development (Hypothesis Testing, Learning, etc.)
Big Data experience
High-performance computing
C++ and Python
This is an industry leading opportunity with significant investment allocated to make this one of the most profitable, innovative, dynamic and intellectually diverse teams in the industry.


Westbourne Quantitative Trading, Technology & Research


PhD/MSc – Machine Learning, CompSci, Physics or similar

C++/Python programming

Machine Learning/ASR/NLP techniques

Intellectual Curiosity

Educational level:

Master Degree

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