l1r1 changes the way humans use software. l1r1 builds a system that understands human language and executes tasks automatically in the domain of business software.

We are l1r1 and we are building a cognitive AI for your business. Software today needs to be directed by humans, it does not plan and execute by itself. You as a user do not have to use software any longer via an interface but with pure verbal communication. Therefore, we are building a cognitive system by combining semantics, AI and language technology. We are not inventing something new, but we are using current software in such a way that it uses its full potential.

We need highly qualified employees that take the lead and responsibility to build something great. The top experts are needed.


Mission: Engineer for the development of NLP services.

• Design APIs for a set of AI services, including classification, recognition, extraction and sentiment analysis.
• Implement services for these APIs.
•… Identify, evaluate and train language models.
• Harden services using A/B testing.
• Optimize.


• language models
• transformer models
• model fine tuning
• pipeline design
• coding experience
• independent
• logical thinking
• linguistically talented
• interested in engineering
• creative
• problem solving
• analytical
• structured
• persevering
• team player > solo star
• flexible


l1r1 is an ambitious start-up built by a team of experts. The benefits are:
• ambitious idea -> the leverage is high
• experienced team (2 successful IPOs)
• one of the first 10 employees -> you shape the company
• you get % of the company
• great environment to learn and grow
• you get responsibility from day one


l1r1 technologies GmbH


Language requirements:

Specific requirements:

Educational level:

Level of experience (years):

Senior (5+ years of experience)

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