The junior research group is funded by the university’s Research Area in Cognitive Sciences. The Research Area in Cognitive Sciences is one of four interdisciplinary focus areas of the University of Potsdam. It was established based on an external evaluation and coordinates excellent research with international visibility. It brings together researchers from the fields of computational linguistics, computer science, linguistics, mathematics, psychology, and sports science who do empirical and theoretical research on the structure, the dynamics, and the development of complex cognitive abilities, such as language, vision, attention, action planning, and motor skills. More details can be found on the website:

The Research Area Cognitive Sciences is also tightly integrated into ongoing research activities within the greater Berlin-Potsdam metropolitan region.

The position includes funding for a PhD student and an annual budget for travel and other expenses. While this is primarily a research position, the group leader is encouraged to contribute to advanced-level teaching activities, e.g. in the new English-language MSc programs in Cognitive Systems (computational linguistics, machine learning, knowledge representation and reasoning) and in Cognitive Science (embodied cognition).


University of Potsdam


The successful candidate will lead a new independent research group on machine learning with an application to the cognitive sciences. We take the cognitive sciences to include, for example, computational linguistics, cognitive modeling, human movement sciences, music processing, etc. The candidate must have a proven track record of high-quality post-doctoral research and international publications, ideally both in the field of machine learning and in at least one field of the cognitive sciences, and is expected to participate in related interdisciplinary research activities at the University of Potsdam.

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