1. Navigate around the complexity of the project, to understand questions, blockers and challenges faced by the teams, and to define and implement analytical processes to answer these needs with actionable recommendations

2. Perform multi-dimensions analysis and produce meaningful insights and recommendations to improve game design, player acquisition, retention and monetization

3. Design, build and support reusable data analysis structures or platform within the technical environment; enable self-service analytical capability for key technical stakeholders

4. Develop analysis strategy, perform analysis of complex scenarios and AB- tests, systematically or on a one-off basis

5. Deliver and implement robust modelling for measuring and assessing business and game KPI, such as churn model, financial forecast models, LTV model, etc.

6. Design, build and manage periodical business reporting of games; work across multiple teams to identify and present high-level analytics to key-stakeholders and executives




1. Rich experience in manipulating, transforming, and analyzing complex data at large scales. Strong ability of Hive SQL, Spark, Python, R etc.

2. Professional experience in gaming and data analysis. Exceptional analytical, quantitative, modelling, machine learning, deep learning, problem-solving and critical thinking skills

3. Ability to understand the problems and issues in games, then define the right data, analysis or interpretation leading to the right recommendations and decisions.

4. Excellent communication (especially on explaining complex ideas clearly and simply), team collaboration skills

5. Good at PPT/EXCEL to write and present analytical reports

6. Ability to learn quickly and work in a fast paced and collaborative environment.

7. Major in a relevant technical \ mathematical\statistical field; Master’s degree and above is plus

8. At least 5 years’ working experience

Level of experience (years):

Senior (5+ years of experience)

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