CV Submission until 17.04.2024

Service delivery: Near site Brussels

The services shall be performed remotely in Near-site location allowing the service providers to be on site at the Commission premises in Brussels within 2 hours.

VASS, in partnership with the European Commission, is currently seeking an Expert in AI/ NLP/ ML to work in Belgium.

Job Responsibilites:
• Coordinate the design and implementation of AI solutions; •
• Propose adequate machine learning models and employ NLP techniques to extract valuable insights from large datasets; •
• Support the development of generative AI solutions in knowledge management; •
• Engage with colleagues from various teams, analyze business requirements and translate them into AI solutions; •
• Follow AI developments within the European Commission. Attend meetings on AI and prepare briefings for the management.

Job Requirements:
• Minimum 5 years of professional experience in developing AI solutions, including machine learning and NLP… Proven experience with Deep Learning models and NLP techniques;
• Excellent knowledge of machine learning techniques and algorithms, such as k-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Forests, Neural Network, and/or artificial intelligence frameworks;
• Experience with cloud services (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud);
• Ability to adapt to evolving technologies and methodologies in AI;
• Experience in cleaning and preparing data for AI/ML models;
• Minimum 3 years of experience with cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP) and containerization tools (e.g. Docker) for the deployment of AI and machine learning applications. Experience with Knowledge Graphs and SPARQL is an asset;
• Minimum 2 years of experience with version control systems (Git Hub) and ETL tools (e.g. dbt, Airflow);
• Technical proficiency regarding database design development, data models, techniques for data mining, and segmentation;
• Solution-oriented and accuracy to detail;
• Ability to cope with fast changing technologies used in application developments;
• Knowledge of European Commission IT environment is an asset

• Minimum 3 years experience and expertise in the command of Python and R proficiency with relevant libraries, including but not limited to NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, SpaCy, NLTK, PyTorch, TensorFlow, HuggingFace, dplyr, stringr, tidymodels, torch for R, ggplot.
• Minimum 1 year experience (expertise) of Semantic NLP techniques, including semantic representation, text splitting, analysis, similarity and parsing.
• Hands-on knowledge with Large Language Models (e.g. OpenAI, LLaMa and Mistal);
• Outstanding communication skills and ability to deliver presentation to both business and technical audiences;
• Excellent command of English. Good command of French




Language requirements:

Specific requirements:

Educational level:

Level of experience (years):

Senior (5+ years of experience)

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