We are at the forefront of attacking one of the most complex problems of e-commerce. Whenever a user types in a query or browses through product categories on the web site, phone or the iPad, our service goes to work. We mine billions of search queries and tens of millions of products to find the most relevant products for our customers. Team members take end-end responsibility in analyzing large amounts of data, creating complex models, improving their accuracy and deploying these models to serve customers.


Walmart Global Tech


What We Are Looking For

Expertise in machine learning spanning supervised and unsupervised learning methods.
Experience in successfully applying machine learning to real-world problems.
Strong mathematical skills with knowledge of statistical methods.
Strong software development experience in languages such as Scala, Java, Python, C++ or C#.
Great interpersonal skills.
Strong communication skills – written and verbal.
PhD or MS in Computer Science, Statistics, or related field.

Experience in Search, Recommendations, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graphs, Conversational Agents, and Personalization.
Experience with Spark, TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch.
Experience with cloud computing platforms and large web-scale distributed systems.
Open source contributions.
Research publications at peer reviewed journals and conferences on relevant topics.

Educational level:

Master Degree

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