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The Role

We are looking for a Data Scientist whose main responsibilities are to research, develop and evaluate algorithms in order to build software tools for researchers. You will contribute to building systems that help researchers to organise their research, contextualise it with respect to other research, collaborate with one another, and discover new research.


Research, develop and evaluate algorithms for use in Mendeley’s software tools
Demonstrate how well these algorithms perform when applied to real data
Work with engineering teams to deliver algorithms in production environments

What you’ll be doing

Identify, obtain and prepare data sets for training and testing algorithms
Research, develop and evaluate algorithms for systems such as recommender and information extraction systems
Build proof of concept prototypes demonstrating these algorithms in action
Evaluate algorithms through controlled offline and online experiments
Work with engineering teams to guide prototypes through to production, making reliable/scalable systems
Manipulate large scale data (data cleaning, data normalisation, data linkage)




What you should bring

Strong research and development experience in industry and/or academia
Hold an MSc, preferably PhD, in Computer Science
Experience working with large graph/network data sets, with rich textual content
Experience of Java programming; can independently prototype solutions to problems
Experience with Recommender System, NLP and Machine Learning libraries
Experience with big data technologies (e.g. Hadoop, MapReduce, Cascading, Scalding, Scala) is desirable but not required
Unix skills
Experience with start-up and R&D environments
Strong presentation skills in communicating with experts and novices

Language requirements:

Fluent spoken and written English

Educational level:

Master Degree

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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