At Hypefactors, we work together designing and building the best software tools for Public Relations professionals across the globe. Our software is exciting, beautiful, data-intense and smart. And our unique data offering and advanced analyses create big business impact for our users. Our company just IPOed on the Nasdaq and is all set for scale-up growth in the upcoming years.

Our data pipelines dig deep into online news, blogs, social media, TV radio and traditional print from nearly all countries on the planet. We receive double-digit millions media elements each day, with over 100 data points for each media element and getting this fed in hundreds of languages. These unique data pipelines provide us with an unprecedented opportunity to transform raw data into business advantages for our clients. We collaborate with the IT University of Copenhagen on these data challenges and setting the new frontier in data sciences and AI.

This position is in the Data & AI team. Due to its strategic nature, it’s hands-on led by the CTO directly. You’ll be part in executing and shaping Hypefactor’s data & AI roadmap through this daily interaction with senior C-level management.

You’ll work with other specialists, each an expert in a facet of either data engineering and/or AI. You’ll also regularly touch base with backend developers to align the AI with the product. Occasionally you’ll collaborate with our product designers to aid the design of smart and intelligent product features.

Your Responsibilities

Participate in the business requirements elucidation with technical feasibility assessments
Hands-on development of NLP models for information extraction, translation, summarisation, sentiment, categorisation and/or knowledge graphs
Conduct and build model & data quality inspections
Coordinate with data engineers the deployment and scaling of models in production




Your Qualifications

Deep know-how of applying RNNs to NLP problems
Mastery of Python, Java or Scala
Conduct and build data & model quality inspections
Plan & execute AI development projects

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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