“Natural Language Processing – Computer activity in which computers are entailed to analyse, understand, alter or generate natural language”

This is a concept that has been evolving since the 1950’s and is now being utilised by some of the most exciting cutting edge companies in in the world and an area I find fascinating. What may seem simple to a Data Scientist like yourself, baffles the minds of us mortals trying to understand the amazing things computers can now do.

I do not claim to even know how to start doing NLP work, however I love working with clients that do, and am keen to see how they are using it and understanding the exciting things it can be used for. My current client is looking for someone with the same passion as me but also an in-depth technical knowledge and ability within this space. They are an innovative start-up based in London focusing on NLP, Machine learning and Text Mining. They are developing their own active learning algorithms and IP and are looking for someone to lead the engineering.

I appreciate this role may not be right for you, however if you are not interested yourself, the chances are you know people who may be.


Revolution Technology


Skills required:

Computer Scientist
Algorithm Implementation
Machine Learning
Multi-language text processing

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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