Responsibilities � Assist in all aspects of planning, developing and maintaining high-quality NLU systems for our platform and applications. � Mentor and share development/technical knowledge with the rest of the team. � Provide estimates during sprint planning sessions. � Review, maintain and refactor code as required. � Provide production support as required. � Research and investigate relevant technologies and alternative solutions. � Contribute and adhere to the in-house coding standards, best practices, and development processes. � Write detail design documents and Javadoc, where required.


Robert Half Technology (Rec.)


� Experience in natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding, and information extraction. � Experience with different NLU tools for processing pipeline. � Machine Learning (ML) expertise, especially working with data for ML tasks with libraries such as Theanos, Tensor Flow, or Keras. � Working knowledge of information architecture, creating topic maps and ontologies, RDF and OWL2. � Familiarity with language and ontology tools such as Protege and senna. � Experience in developing Java or Python applications. � Solid understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). � Experience developing in agile and test-driven environment. � Familiarity with Spark, R, Python Pandas, or other data prep and processing tools. � Use of ontology and language processing data data sets such as Wikipedia, Wordnet, ConceptNet, VerbNet, Google Knowledge Graph, or Yago. � Experience using NLP frameworks and tools such as Stanford NLP, SyntaxNet, nltk, Gensim, word2vec, or SpaCy. � Effective in written and verbal communication.

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