Responsible for providing Solutioning / Models /Methodology Developments
Responsible for testing, productization and fine-tuning
Need to work in collaboration with team of data engineers, data scientists, data analysts and management.
Responsible to direct and mentor team.


Newgen Software



Engineering/Master’s Degree in Computer Science, M.Tech
2-5 years’ experience in S/W development

Technical Skills:

Strong coding experience in Python, Python libraries, TensorFlow, Keras
Good communication skills – Presentable to stakeholders
Experience with Content analytics, NLP/NLU and related ML algorithm like Tf-Idf, topic modelling, content summarization etc
Fast experimentation and iterations with selected models
Develop analytics components for integration with enterprise grade products
Generate IP in form of research papers, patents, business paper, conference participation

Specific requirements:

The positions will be available for four years, starting in October 2020 or soon thereafter [4]. The salary is according to the German university pay scale (TV-L 13 100%, approx. 50k EUR per year before taxes for the PhD students. See [5] for details and/or get in touch if you need more information).

Educational level:

Master Degree

Level of experience (years):

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

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