Love joining a startup that plays a lot with A.I/NLP?

We are looking for technical leader that are potential to be co-founders.

1) Must be able to lead and guide the technical Aspect of the company.
2) Building and executing technology strategy for technological platforms, partnerships and external relationships.
3) Provide clear vision of what the company is achieving to the technical team
4) Must be able to complete technical works as a leader
5) Establish technical standards and ensure the maintenance of company leadership in the competitive landscape
6) Must be able to react and cope well when technical emergency arises
7) Must be able to adapt to situations
8) Respect healthy working ethics and report to the team
9) Understanding customer needs

1) Hardware consumer electronics
2) Programming (Python, C, C++, Linux)
3) Understands Machine Learning
4) How to hire and manage technical people
5) Building framework

1) BS in Computer Science, knowledge of Electrical Engineering with Business knowledge.
2) Allocation to Silicon Valley
3) Must love challenges!

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