The Department of Computer and Software Engineering of Polytechnique
Montr?al is seeking applicants for a tenure-track position in deep
learning and machine learning. Successful candidates will have
demonstrated their potential to initiate and lead an independent
research program in deep learning and machine learning. Application
domains include computer and software systems for the application of
machine learning to smart cities, natural language processing,
information search, computer vision and autonomous vehicles.

Polytechnique Montr?al is one of Canada?s leading engineering schools
and the largest in Qu?bec in terms of its student population and the
scope of its research activities, with more than 8,000 students.

Successful candidates will be expected to carry out the duties of these
positions with a dynamic and creative approach. In particular, they will:
– teach undergraduate and graduate courses;
– supervise graduate students;
– initiate and carry out research projects supported by funding agencies;
– initiate and carry out research collaborations with industry on
original topics;
– contribute to various administrative functions in Polytechnique Montr?al;
– participate in service functions towards the academic and professional
communities and society.

New professors are provided with space, technical support and modern IT
environments as well as with startup grants to help launch their
research activities.


Polytechnique Montreal



Educational level:

Ph. D.

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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