MOJA is an information technology and intelligence analysis company based in Northern Virginia. that has been providing Information Management solutions since it’s conception in 1995. We specialize in system integration, application development, network management, and intelligence analysis in support of the intelligence community and national level decision-makers. MOJA is a proud Veteran, minority owned company.

MOJA is seeking a Software Engineer. Your Duties in this role: Analyze and study complex system requirements. Design software tools and subsystems to support software reuse and domain analyses and manage their implementation. Translate detailed design into computer software. Implement commercial packages. Test, debug, and refine the computer software to produce the required product. Prepare required documentation, including both program-level and user-level documentation. Enhance software to reduce operating time or improve efficiency. Provide technical guidance in software engineering techniques and automated support tools. Provide technical direction to programmers to ensure program deadlines are met.




Specialized Qualifications: Experience managing or performing software engineering activities, working with SQL, MS SQL Server, and third/fourth generation languages in the design and implementation of systems, and using database management systems. Demonstrate increasing responsibilities in software engineering activities. Have a strong understanding of IT infrastructure, knowledge of the Project Management Framework, project management processes and methodologies, and knowledge of the Approved Products List (APL) and Approved Software Products Baseline.
(Demonstrated hands on experience with):
Expertise with .NET, C++, C#, Java, Swift.
Experience with integrated development environment (Visual Studio).
Experience integrating commercial products.
Experience with various platforms (Windows, Linux, MAC OS, iOS).
Experience with multi-threading and distributed computing (Hadoop).
Experience/course work in Natural Language Processing (or Compilers) (Semantic Indexing, machine translation, entity extraction, machine learning).
System Architecture Background.
Experience with database technologies (MS SQL, MongoDB, MySQL)
Experience developing cloud solutions (AWS)

(Demonstrated Hands On Experience With)
Expertise with .NET, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), WCF (Windows Communications Foundation).
Experience with content analysis and document summarization.
Familiarity with Microsoft Team Foundation Server source control system, GitHub.
Familiarity with indexing engines.
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and 2016, programming and administration.
Experience with HP servers and workstations.
Familiarity with deployment technologies such as Microsoft Application Virtualization.

Specific requirements:

***An active Top Secret/SCI Full Scope/Poly security clearance is mandatory***

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