Senior Research Software Development Engineer – Natural Language Processing
Advanced Technology Lab, Cairo – Microsoft Technology & Research
The Advanced Technology Lab (ATL) in Cairo, Egypt, is looking for a highly motivated experienced Research Software Development Engineer (RSDE) who will be part of a team that conducts applied research and develops and releases intelligent services and applications in the domain of Conversation as a Platform. A strong background in Natural Language Processing (NLP) is desired.
A key skill for the RSDE position is the ability to bridge between research discoveries and the customer-driven needs with the goal of releasing impactful services and applications. You will work in a start-up like environment with a team of outstanding Software Development Engineers that spans multiple geographical locations.
A successful candidate should have strong analytical and programming skills, be passionate about technology, be highly motivated to make an impact, be eager to learn and grow, and can develop quick prototypes as well as integration of large complex systems and handling large volumes of data. Our work environment offers opportunities to conduct applied research, to incubate innovative ideas and technologies, to grow expertise in breadth and depth, to interact with the top experts in the field, and to have cross-organization and upper management interactions.




Experiences Required
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field required. An advanced degree in Computer Science or a related field would be a plus.
Experience in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing would be a plus.
Experience with processing and extracting insights from big data.
Experience with working on a distributed storage and computation platform.
Demonstrable post graduate software development experience using both native (C++) and managed (C#) programming.
Proficiency with scripting languages such as Windows PowerShell, Perl, Python, etc.
Experience with cloud computing environments, specifically Azure.
Prior experience as a software development lead would be plus. For example, leading feature areas and large projects and mentoring and guiding teams of software engineers.
Technical competence (algorithms, data structures) and strong analytical and programming skills.
Passion for technology, creative thinking, ability to work independently or in a team.
Good tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty.
Ability to learn new technologies quickly, apply them in prototypes, and integrate them in large complex systems.
Ability to work effectively in an agile, fast-paced applied research environment.
Good communication skills and cross-organizational interactions.

Educational level:

Bachelor’s Degree

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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