We’re a start-up looking for an experienced ML/NLP developer to join our team, to help build-out the ML/NLP/CV elements of an innovative AI-based product search platform for e-commerce.

Traverz recently won 2nd place in the prestigeous Swiss venture competition – see our company video on our website.

At Traverz we have developed a paradigm-shifting search mechanism, involving a whole new search experience involving new UX approaches and driven by AI (ML/NLP). Our first application is in product search, essentially replacing the standard ‘filter’ component in marketplaces and e-commerce sites. The result is an intuitive user feedback system and an interactive virtual agent that helps you to discover the right products for you – by helping you explore choices, stimulating you to consider alternatives, automatically processing your (potentially conflicting) preferences, and engaging with you through multiple channels (web, mobile, messenger) using natural language.

Our vision is totally user-centric. This is what everyone likes to say, but it should be clear that we are not here to find subtle tweaks that give small conversion improvements – we are fundamentally changing the paradigm and defining the future of search.

We are a group of inspired founders with deep knowledge in AI and machine learning and significant prior product and startup-to-exit experience. No BS, we get the job done but we strongly believe in the power of the team. We work with high quality people and enjoy strong team (and client) interaction – it enables us to grow personally, and to deliver exceptional results. Face-to-face is ideal, but we figured out how to work with a distributed team already long ago. We seek individuals who fit with our values and purpose but bring their own thoughts and experiences to supercharge us further. We thoroughly enjoy our work and the personal growth, fulfilment and financial rewards that it brings us.

Development and integration of algorithmic and ML/NLP/Image recognition solutions
Further enhancement of the NLP and dialogue engine
Engineering of feature extraction from unstructured data (text, images)
Development of predictive models based on user data
Definition and integration of data pipelines
Active participation in the development of the best ML and algorithmic solutions




Minimum 5 years of full-time post-university development experience
You prefer working in a start-up environment. You are flexible and dynamic, and comfortable with rapid prototyping, iteration and dealing with a level of uncertainty
A capability and desire to span from the development of specific algorithmic components all the way to their implementation in the overall platform

Strong Machine Learning background, with profound knowledge of different ML methods
Significant and demonstrable NLP experience
Fully familiar with the Python machine learning libraries (TensorFlow, keras, sklearn)
Fully familiar with the Python data science libraries (numpy, pandas, scipy)
Fully familiar with the Python NLP libraries (NLTK, Spacy, CoreNLP)
Ideally familiar with knowledge graphs

Educational level:

Ph. D.

Level of experience (years):

Senior (5+ years of experience)

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