Lenovo seeks an expert in the field of machine learning and artificial neural networks to join a small, fast-moving team that is taking state-of-the-art object and speech recognition AI out of the lab and making it work in the challenging world of mobile devices. Lenovo only seeks candidates who are excited about this “last frontier”, the opportunity to design mobile-friendly, time and space efficient neural network architectures and the opportunity to join a team that is dedicated to putting today’s science fiction in the hands of the world.
Design and propose space and time efficient neural network architectures for mobile platforms
Analyze, evaluate and assist in the design of mobile neural network silicon
Identify and prove out the perfect synthesis of hardware and software for neural network performance that meets competing demands for low-power and real-time performance
Lead and grow a team of machine learning experts; evangelize machine learning across other teams and disciplines in the company.




Minimum BS degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science
5+ years experience in the field of ML and AI
Background in deep learning and convolutional neural networks
Experience with Auto Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing and Understanding
Preferred Qualifications
PhD preferred or equivalent expertise in ML and AI
Nuanced understanding of all phases of machine-learning development
8+ years experience in the field of ML and AI
Optimization strategies
Network design
Performance analysis and evaluation methodologies
Conversant with the state-of-the-art in natural language processing, computer vision and sensor technology
Demonstrable successes as a machine learning practitioner
Experience in the intersection of cloud computing and ML
Embedded Experience Preferred
Knowledge of modern mobile hardware architectures preferred
Good multitasking and communication skills
Not complacent with the status quo
Passionate about innovation and discovery

Educational level:

Bachelor’s Degree

Level of experience (years):

Senior (5+ years of experience)

How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying


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About Lenovo

With over $30B+ in sales, Lenovo is the fastest growing major PC maker. The company climbed to number 1 in worldwide PC market share in July'2013.

Today, Lenovo is a global corporation with significant operations on six continents and operating in more than 60 countries and selling products in 160. Everyone at Lenovo takes great pride in our ability to attract top talent from diverse backgrounds and from around the world. We view our differences and diversity as a source of strength in building a collaborative culture that helps us achieve our goals.

We have no world headquarters and, instead, have put in place a distributed management structure that places operational hubs in centers of excellence around the world integrating this talented, diverse group into a cohesive Next Generation company.