If you are a PhD student and want to have an impact on the music streaming
industry, we might have just what you’re looking for?

At Pandora we are offering 6 Science Internships in the summer 2019, across
6 different teams of our Science organization, headed by Oscar Celma.

Pandora is the largest music streaming service in the US, and these
internships are all about tackling cutting-edge machine learning research
problems with very large amounts of data about music, other forms of audio
content, metadata (among which the Music Genome Project and Podcast Genome
Project), listener behavior, etc.

You will be collaborating with Pandora’s world class science team
(including many interns from previous years, now full-time scientists at
Pandora), and will have the opportunity to interact with senior leadership,
Product, Engineering, Design, Marketing and other departments in the
company, and to run A/B experiments at scale. We are looking for interns
specialized in one of the following fields: Deep Learning, Recommendation
Systems, Music Information Retrieval, Taxonomies and Ontologies, Natural
Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language
Generation, or Dialog Systems.





How to apply:

Please mention NLP People as a source when applying

Check out the 2019 Scientist Internship roles, and apply here:

-2019 Scientist Intern, Music Streaming Technologies:

-2019 Scientist Intern, Music Information Retrieval:

– 2019 Scientist Intern, Music Search, Recommendation or Voice Activation:

– 2019 Scientist Intern, Core Radio & Music Engagement:

– 2019 Economist Intern, Advertising Science:

– 2019 Scientist Intern, Content Science:

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